As during the first & second edition, Prins Techniek will delivery again perfect tire service during The 3nd TOYO TIRES 24h race of Dubai 2008.

Per today we can announce that we have an agreement with well known tire service company Prins Techniek.

Prins Techniek has en enormous experience in Motorsport, they do Tire service in The Netherland, Belgium, Germany, France, United States and other places over the world.

We are happy to have Prins Techniek as a partner, because we know they have the experience, the equipment, the team and the right 24h endurance tires and last but not least they both work already for a long time with a lot of teams.

Prins Techniek BV (Ben Prins) offers good tire service and will be present with there complete team, equipment and (Pre-ordered) tires at the Dubai Autodrome track, during the complete event.



Although TOYO TIRES is official Title sponsor, the teams are free to choose the tire brand.

Of course we prefer and promote the teams to run on TOYO TIRES.

Therefore there is a special TOYO TIRES TROPHY, for the best teams running on TOYO TIRES.



Teams have two options regarding Tires.

1) Pre-order them at Prins Techniek (in this case Prins Techniek will transport them to Dubai)

2) Bring your own tires with you. (those can be mounted by Prins Techniek at 12.50 EUR per tire)



Tires which can be ordered at Prins Techniek are:

BF Goodrich - Dunlop - Hankook – Matador - Michelin - Pirelli – Silverstone -

TOYO - Yokohama


PRE-ORDER Tires at Prins Techniek, will be shipped by Prins Techniek.

For this service there will be a (transport) charge of 10.00 EUR per tire.

This is not applicable for Pre-ordered TOYO TIRES. TOYO TIRES will be transported for FREE.

All Pre-ordered Tires will be serviced at the Dubai Autodrome track for free by Prins Techniek.


Ordering of Tires and payment need to be arranged direct with Prins Techniek

price list / order form


Office: Pijlspitskreek 24 2241MT Wassenaar Netherlands.

Phone:+31-70-5145145 Fax:+31-70-5145146 Mob.:+31-653-200610

Warehouse: Keyserswey 14-16 2201CX Noordwijk. (Ind. ‘s Gravendijck N206)

Website: www.prins-techniek.nl  info@prins-techniek.nl & info@racebanden.nl


BANK: ABN-AMRO Bank te Wassenaar #

IBAN: NL45ABNA0503981583 Swift/BIC adres: ABNANL2A